Role Models

Over the past months I came across collaboration-models with artisans that truly stand out.

Tory Burch crafted a superb bag with Indego Africa for its SS21 Collection, 
IKEA had its Lokalt Collection embroidered by artisans of Jordan River Foundation in Amman
Chloé collaborated with Mifuko in Kenya for a bag that bears each weaver´s signature.

Let me share two cases that are true role models and show the diversity of artisan collaborations:

The partners of these cooperations have been forgeing a new approach to their businesses and adding value:
  • To the artisans who craft the products
  • To the customers who purchase an ethically produced object with a story
  • To the brands that engage in this type of partnerships.

What about you?

If you believe this model could make a difference for your business, feel free to reach out!