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Our services

You are a lifestyle or a luxury brand:
  • You follow a purpose and value-based strategy
    • --> We conceive special editions and design cooperations with exceptionally skilled artisans, conveying the artistic and human dimensions you stand for
    • --> We collaborate either with your own designers or can bring in talented newcomers 
    • --> We develop the corporate campaign, PR and social media strategy that conveys your brand values
    You are a concept-store or a retailer:
    • You are targetting conscious consumers. You are interested in launching sustainably, ethically and transparently produced collections with fair trade labels
    • --> We assist you in extending your range to unique products from remote communities carrying a soul and a story
    • --> We counsel you on brand strategy. We develop your communications, design your merchandising and packaging elements
    You are a boutique hotel or hotel-group:
    • You want to renew your interiors, to reposition yourself and get attention in the media
    • --> We design an exclusive interiors concept that includes exceptional, unseen, handmade pieces
    • --> We develop your entire communications strategy and material
    • --> We curate a customized product selection for your SPA or hotel boutique
    You are a design studio:
    • You would like to co-create with exceptionally skilled artisans
    • --> We propose a selection of trusted expert partners 
    • --> We assist you in running creative workshops and in establishing a mid- to long-term partnership with the artisans
    You are an architect:
    You want to propose sustainable products to your clients from lighting to furniture over to tableware
    --> Make your pick from our curated selection of exceptional handmade items
    --> Have some products customized upon your designs
    and value-based brand strategy 

Our values

  • We believe in global oneness and that everyone of us can make a difference. Our projects are conceived to be all-profit, meaning that they deliver sound and healthy profit to all parties involved and are designed for a greater good. While the financial sustainability and business impact of our propositions are key, the positive effects they have on the communities of artisans are huge – all the more when they are conceived with a mid- to long-term perspective.
    So that your project with us will make sense in every way.

    The objects and limited editions we design together have a soul, they are 100% handmade, sustainable by nature and fairly traded. They are of exceptional quality and made to last for many years, sometimes for generations.

Areas you will impact

We provide our clients with data on the positive impact they made for their ESG reporting.

With about 300 million handworkers worldwide, this sector is the second largest employer after agriculture. What challenges does it face that we can impact? 

  1. Literacy is a common challenge mong handworkers. 
    Almost half (48 %) of handworkers interviewed by Nest cannot read or write.
  2. Handworkers tend to have poor financial safety structures on place. Less than half of handworkers interviewed have a bank account.
  3. Working from home has positive implications for woman handworkers by helping women meet demands of child care and goals for child education while imparting greater personal agency to women who craft.
  4. 92 % of women homeworkers agree that their income from handwork enabled their children to complete high school. They agree that their decision-making ability, a strong measure of empowerment, has improved since they started working as a handworker. 
  5. 40 % of women handworkers interviewed reported that they primarily spend their income from this work to their children´s education.

(Source: Report 2018 State of the handworker economy, by Nest/Nest is a nonprofit  supporting the responsible growth and creative engagement of the artisan & maker economy to build a world of greater gender equity and economic inclusion).