Our Concept

We conceive strategies and creative formats for companies who want to make a difference.

No more green washing or social washing: we have conceived a way for companies to truly impact the world and make a difference. Both in reality and in the image they convey. The B2B2C model we propose is for game-changers who are willing to create real values: from sustainability over preserving the arts to empowering women.

Values that mean the world to customers.

El camino de los Altos est une association de femmes qui travaillent le textile créé à San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, Mexique.

For our clients we create cooperations with the world´s most talented artisans. To craft handmade collections of rare beauty.

The Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Unesco protects vanishing crafts across all continents as an expression of the world´s cultural wealth. Over centuries tribes and remote communities have mastered exceptional skills and passed them along from one generation to the next. Be it the colourful Maasai beading, the magical lost wax casting from the ancient Akan Kingdom, the afghan mastering of handbown lapis-coloured glass, the expressive Touareg´s rug-tying or the delicate central asian suzani embroideries, to name a few. We engage to keep them alive and prospering.

Shaping brands committed to a profoundly human and sustainable world.
Who walk the talk.

Many brands are looking for ways to make a  positive impact by searching for new ways to operate, which are aligned with their corporate values. Associating with artisans is the solution we propose.

We work with several hundred artisan collectives and small enterprises around the globe, very often in the most remote areas. As all products are handmade, they can be customized by nature. They are made sustainably as the artisans work with natural fibers growing in their surroundings and organic dyes. Abiding by the principles of fair trade and ensuring dignified working conditions goes without saying.

(Credits: The Tinzaline Rug, by Kerra)

Along the journey we weave the authentic story that your target audience will engage with.
And love you for.

Customers want to know the story behind the product they purchase. Whether it is a fashion accessory, a T-shirt or a tableware item – its value is closely linked to the spirit of the makers and the mindfulness of the approach. This is why we accompany your projects with photography and videography for PR and social media to allow you to share this profoundly human venture.

how we work