How a spanish design studio impacts artisan communities across the globe, bringing to life a unique cultural project through a stunning lighting collection.

Conceived in 2012 by Alvaro Catalan de Ócon´s design studio in Madrid, this one-of-a-kind project works every year with a new artisan community across the globe spanning from Asia to South America, Africa over to Australia.

The PET lamp collection are handmade lamps from natural fibers woven around PET plastic bottles.
To the team, the PET Lamp project is the possibility of approaching a global problem (the waste from plastic PET bottles) using a local craft (the basket weaving tradition). It also is about empowering women and celebrating creativity, tradition, skills woven into the various shapes of the lamps´ organic fibers.

The PET lamp is a journey across continents, traditions, ethnic groups – we share a glimpse of it here.The PETlamp has since its launch been acclaimed at the Milan Design Week and can be found in the most remarkable places worldwide. If you are interested in showcasing it for an interiors project, please get in touch.
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I thank Bettina McIlwraith from Babatree (Ghana) and Enrique Romero de la Llana, co-founder of PETlamp (Spain) for sharing the insights of their collaboration with me. Hearing from both parties involved the story of their joyful, considerate and successful partnership has been amazing.

The Eperara Siapidara lamp, Colombia
Since 2012

The Abyssinia lamp, Ethiopia
Since 2014

The Mapuche lamp, Chile
Since 2016

The Pikul lamp, Thailand
Since 2018

The Bolgatanga lamp, Ghana
Since 2019